Ron Rivera on Carson Wentz: The narratives are all unfair


By most accounts, Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz is having an up-and-down training camp. Head coach Ron Rivera even pointed out recently that while Wentz has shown some inaccuracy, it’s nothing he or the team are “overly concerned” about.

Part of that is likely because Washington would really like for Wentz to work out. Since Rivera took over as head coach in 2020, six different players have started games at quarterback. Wentz will make it seven.

The Commanders obviously need some stability and continuity at that position. In an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Rivera said that’s why the organization is excited about the opportunity it has with Wentz.

“The narratives are all unfair,” Rivera said. “I mean, obviously he left each place for their reasons. OK, great — that’s their reasons. He’s here for our reason. He’s here because we want him here. He’s here because we see what he can do, we see what he’s done. And based on what we do, we see there’s an opportunity. And that’s why he’s here.

“And we have a lot of confidence in what we’ve seen so far. The guys have all assimilated to him. They’ve rallied around him. And that’s a huge plus because, again, based on what we went through for the last couple of years — and probably before I got here — trying to find the quarterback.”

Wentz was traded from the Eagles to the Colts in 2020 and Indianapolis flipped him to Washington — with no clear replacement — in March. But since Kirk Cousins left the franchise to sign with the Vikings in the 2019 offseason, Washington has started Alex Smith, Josh Johnson, Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez, Case Keenum, Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Allen, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Taylor Heinicke, and Garrett Gilbert at quarterback.

As Rivera put it, that’s why adding Wentz was enticing.

“Now all of a sudden there’s an opportunity for us to settle in on a guy — let’s do it,” Rivera said. “Let’s get behind him. Let’s give him every opportunity to succeed. And that’s what we’re gonna do.”