Ryan Giggs trial: 999 call transcript IN FULL before cops found ‘bloody’ Man Utd legend


999 calls to police made minutes after Ryan Giggs allegedly headbutted his ex Kate Greville have been played at his trial.

The 48-year-old former Wales manager is accused of assaulting Ms Greville, 37, after a row at their home in Worsley, Greater Manchester on November 1, 2020.

Ms Greville told jurors at Manchester Crown Court earlier this week that Giggs “grabbed me by both shoulders, looked me straight in the eyes and headbutted me in my lip”.

Giggs, who is also accused of coercive and controlling behaviour towards Ms Greville during their six-year relationship, denies headbutting her and claims there was “minor contact” between their faces as they grappled over his phone.

The former Manchester United player, who is also accused of elbowing Ms Greville’s sister Emma in the jaw, denies all charges.

On the fifth day of the trial, a statement from one of the officers who came to Giggs’ house on November 1 was read by prosecutor Peter Wright QC describing Giggs’ “bloody mouth”.

PC Howarth from Greater Manchester Police said: “The defendant who I now know as Ryan Giggs was at the door. I would describe him as a white male, wearing a white long sleeve shirt, grey suit pants and black shoes.

“I could see he had blood around his mouth. He walked us to the kitchen where I could see Ms Greville. PC Billington took Mr Giggs back out of the kitchen and I stayed with Ms Greville to gather some details and establish the circumstances.

“She was sat on the floor of the kitchen next to the patio and was visibly upset. I could see straight away she had a swollen top and bottom lip with significant bruises.”

In two 999 calls made by Kate Greville’s sister Emma, Giggs and Ms Greville can be heard shouting in the background.

Transcript of first call heard in court:
Emma Greville: We need the police please.

Operator: Where do you need police?

Emma Greville: (Gives address). Can we have them now please? What’s your postcode, what is it Kate? (Gives address again).

Operator: What’s happening?

Emma Greville: Assault, headbutted her.

Operator: Who’s assaulted who?

Emma Greville: Please can you come quickly? He’s headbutted her in the face.

Operator: Do you need an ambulance for the lady who is screaming in the background?

Emma Greville: Yes I think so, he’s headbutted her in the face. (She shouts to Giggs) You have f*cking headbutted my sister. I don’t care if your daughter is 17. I don’t care about your daughter.

Operator: Stay on the line listen to me

(Screaming and shouting)

Operator: I have requested blue lights

(Crying and screaming in background)

Operator: Where is he now, the man who’s headbutted your sister?

Emma Greville: I don’t know

Operator: He was here a second ago, where’s he gone?

Emma Greville: I don’t know, I think he’s done a runner. (To Kate) You’ve got to stay there.

Operator: What’s he called?

Emma Greville: Ryan Giggs (To Giggs) Why would you headbutt my sister (Giggs can be heard screaming “She had my phone”) You tried to hurt her, you hurt her.

Operator: What injuries has your sister got?

Emma Greville: He headbutted her lip, she’s got blood everywhere.

Operator: A fat lip, a bruised lip

Emma Greville: Yeah

Operator: Why is she screaming?

Emma Greville: Because she’s in so much pain

Operator: Why is she screaming, what’s happened to her?

Emma Greville: She was headbutted in the lip

(Emma Greville gives her name and spells it)

(Emma Greville gives sister’s name and date of birth)

Officer: What’s the name of the offender?

(Call ends)

Transcript of second 999 call heard in court:
Emma Greville: He’s doing a runner

Operator: What’s his name?

Emma Greville: Ryan Giggs, footballer Ryan Giggs

Operator: As in the Ryan Giggs?

Emma Greville: Yes, he’s outside, he’s going to go. He’s here but the police aren’t here. He’s back now, can you come quick please?

Operator: We’re on blue lights

Emma Greville: He said he’s going to headbutt me quite soon… He’s coming back

(Giggs can be heard in the background)

Operator: Police will be here in 60 seconds

Giggs: Did you call the police? Kate, Kate, all I wanted was my phone, now we will be everywhere (Muffled)

Emma Greville: You said you’d call the police already?

Giggs: Linda did

Emma Greville: Linda called the police. What you waiting for? Go away.

Operator: Do you still think Kate needs an ambulance?

Emma Greville: I don’t know, she’s got a burst lip, I can’t tell you. He’s headbutted her in the face. He’s waiting outside the gate. He already said he’d called the police. They’ll be here Ryan if you go to the gate. They’re here. Can you come back into the house now? Where are they? They’re here, they’ve just gone past us driving in the opposite way. I don’t know where they’ve gone. I’ll have to go back inside because he’s gone back in. They’re screaming and shouting, we need them to come quickly.

(Giggs is heard and Kate Greville is crying)

Emma Greville: What’s the matter? (Crying)

Operator: What’s up with her?

Emma Greville: I don’t know

Operator: Are either particularly intoxicated at all?

Emma Greville: Both. (The police) have gone the wrong way, they’ll be here in a second when they turn around. I watched them when I came back in.

Operator: Do they approach it from Stock Road?

Emma Greville: I don’t know, I don’t live here I’m just looking after the dog. They’re here.

Operator: Stand by

(Call ends)

The trial continues.