Newlyweds being booted out of home due to redtape after dad’s wedding day heart attack


A newlywed couple and their children face being made homeless after the groom’s dad died having suffering a wedding day heart attack.

Shaun Millward, 54, and new wife Rachelle, 44, tied the knot in June but their big day ended in tragedy.

Shaun’s dad Alan Millward, 84, suffered a cardiac arrest at the reception and two days later lost his fight for life in hospital – but it wasn’t the end of the grieving family’s torment, StokeOnTrentLive report.

They have been dealt a further crushing blow after being told to leave the home in Newcastle where they live.

Mum-of-two Rachelle sold her home after meeting Shaun in 2018 and the couple then decided to move in with Alan so that they could take care of him as he had a long-term lung condition and his health was deteriorating.

The family were happily living in the two-bed property and don’t want to move.

But they were told by Aspire Housing that they are are ‘unable to remain’ in the house because there is ‘overcrowding’.

Another issue is that Alan was the named tenant for the property and there can legally only be one succession which has already happened.

Royal Stoke nursling assistant Rachelle described the situation as ‘grossly unfair’. She said: “Since my father-in-law died my children are now occupying a bedroom each and we choose to sleep downstairs.

“We are happy to live the rest of our lives having a bedroom downstairs rather than having Aspire intervene because we are classed as overcrowded. Rather than upsetting families that don’t want to move, why can’t they just leave them be?

“Alan lived in the house for 60 years with his wife so you can imagine the memories and the comfort we all get out of being here. If we are made to move, those memories will be ripped from us.

“I’ve been in his life for four years and we’ve looked after him and got him out places. The children looked at him as a grandad and he was good to us.

“We went on holidays and day trips, we were a proper family. It’s so sad that he died so soon after our wedding day.”

Rachelle added that the stress of being kicked out was impacting her mental health. She said: “It’s unreal. Where do we go from here?

“We don’t know what the future holds and are living day by day. We are not in a position to start again because we spent so much money on this house and making it more modern.

“I’d like them to say we can stay and leave us be. When my children leave home, this will be our forever home so we don’t want to move.

“I’m disappointed and frustrated. I begged and pleaded for them not to move us and I am not going down without a fight. My children have adapted here and are settled. If we wanted to move we’d be filling forms in but we don’t.

“The sleeping arrangements are adequate. There’s a lot more people in a worse position than me.”

Jon Dickin, head of neighbourhoods at Aspire Housing, said: “We have been supporting Mrs Millward and her family to review their housing situation following the sad passing of her father-in-law, who was the named tenant for the property.

“Whilst the family has expressed their desire to stay in the property, there can legally only be one succession of a tenancy, which has already occurred in this situation, so the family is unfortunately unable to remain.

“There is also an issue with overcrowding in the home in line with the government’s Bedroom Standard, and as a result this property is unsuitable for the family’s needs.

“We are providing guidance and support in finding more suitable accommodation in areas of their choice, and we are allowing use and occupation of the current property whilst this process takes place. We appreciate this is a difficult situation and we will continue to support the family as much as we can.”